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The Competition

StarClass Logo A ‘Star Class’ Competition is an International Competition in Short Track Speed Skating in accordance with all Regulations of the International Skating Union, which has been designated as such during the annual planning meeting of European Members of the ISU.

‘Star Class’ is a separate category of participants adopting the performance principle instead of the seniority one. This grants to the Star Class competions a high level of spectacularity, thanks to the athletes' speed and skills.


5th October 2009 - Results
Now available for the download the Competition's Results provided on CD after the award ceremony.

1th October 2009 - Competition Calendar
Now available the Provisional Program through Calendar area.

29th September 2009 - Newsletter & Welcoming Booklet
Here you are the StarClass newletter and the event welcome booklet.

22th September 2009 - Press Release
Published the event presentation press release.
You can also download the handout (it).